About Savior.org

Savior.org is a non-profit outgrowth of a full-service marketing firm that was created nearly eight years ago, and which was lovingly consecrated to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ from day one.

Operating under the name Voveo Marketing Group (voveo means ‘to promise to God’), we recognize Jesus as our CEO, and Mary as Our Loving Mother and protectress. We lovingly offer the Savior.org ministry in Their honor – in thanksgiving for all They have done and continue to do in the work of our salvation. In the darkness of our present times, we offer this ministry as a light for all the world – that every person may know Him and love Him more fully.

Want to Help? Savior.org does not enlist financial support or donations, however we are very interested in donations of any resources or expertise that would help in enriching the online adoration experience – ie: bandwidth and other core infrastructure, donations of fresh flowers for the altar, etc…

Let us know how on-line adoration has touched you or someone you know.

Please spread the word about savior.org in your communities.