St. Manuel Moralez


Manuel was a seminarian in Durango, but left to help support his impoverished family; remained a lifelong layman. Married with three children. Secretary of the publication Leon XIII. Secretary of the Circle of Catholic Workers. Member of Catholic Action (ACJM). President of the National League for the Defense of Religious Liberty (LNDLR).

On 29 July 1929, a LNDLR meeting drew a crowd of over 500. Morales spoke, emphasizing the peaceful, non-political aims and methods of the group. A few days later a group of soldiers gathered up the LNDLR officers, and announced they were taking them to the state capital to explain their position. After leaving town, the soldiers stopped the cars and accused them of plotting armed revolt against the government. Manuel was offered freedom if he would acknowledge the legitimacy of Manuel Calle’s anti-religious government; he declined. Martyred with Saint Luis Batiz, Saint David Roldan, and Saint Salvador Lara. One of the Martyrs of the Cristera War.